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The FusioBox is a device which is composed out of hardware and software. The hardware is the box which also can be applied for other visual exercises. The software contains 50 different light figures which are shwon in the dispaly separated by a septum in order to get the stimulus at right and left simultaneously. The light intensity can one alter so that the non-dominant eye can get a more intense light figure which disrupt easier the suppression condition.

The light figures can be moved in a convergent and/of a divergent direction so that one can easily train eso or exo problems. 

The goal is to improve the fusion ability as well as to trigger the retinal rivality between the eyes in order to make a proper balence.

It can be applied for children with amblyopie or strabism, in case of alternated binocular vision, for children with poor fusion and/of for enhancing anti-suppression.


- Developed by Manfred Siekmann-

FusioBox Movie