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Optographics has been created with the goal to offer the optometrist an efficient tool for planning, working out in detail and storing visual training/syntonic programs for his clients. the novelty of this application consists in the use of pictograms, named optograms. An optogram represents a specific optometric item or concept and is used as the basic attribute of a visual training/syntonic exercise. Working with optograms makes it possible for the optometrist to prepare a visual training session which defines what exercises are needed and how they should be executed, using simple pictograms instead of extended textual descriptions. In addition the application offers a dictionary of standard visual training exercises, with a specific set of exercises associated to each optogram and giving a detailed textual description of each exercise. Such a dictionary defined exercise can be assigned to an Optographic exercise (i.e. a visual training exercise defined through optograms). This allows a mode of operation whereby the optometrist points out the basic ingredients of a training session and the skills to be trained. He does this by selecting the proper optograms for the training session's exercises, without defining the specific dictionary exercises to be applied. The visual training assistant then decides which dictionary exercises will be applied conform with the selected optograms. Since each optometrist has its own way of executing visual training, the exercise dictionary can be extended with new exercises. It is also possible to enter textual remarks on the preparation, execution and result of an exercise or a complete training session. Besides visual training programs, "Optographics" also support planning and working out of syntonic programs, whereby the different filters as well as the explicit time needed can be specified. In addition test result graphics can be drawn by entering points on the coordinate axes of a record form window, measuring the progress between the syntonic sessions. Finally, a rich set of print options is provided to produce print outs or print previews at the level of a training session or the complete training program, including any selection of test results graphics.

System Requirements: Optographics Version 2.0 can be installed on following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 2000 with Service pack 2 or later, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, and Windows Server 2003. A PC with a Pentium II 450 Mhz minimum processor is recommended.

Order Code: OPT/Optograph