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Perfect vision


Perfect Vision has been realized thanks to the practical experience in the field of Behavioural Optometry, and based on the creative coorporation of a team with interdisciplinary character. This program covers a host of motor-free visual perceptual and spatial skills. It can be applied both in visual training programs related to learning problems, as in training programs to increase the perceptual performance of sports people. Therefore it offers an extensive set of tasks designed for testing, training and improving the powers of perception of the individual. The uniqueness of Perfect Vision lies in the use of simple graphical target objects (one or more dots, lines, basic geometric figures): the execution of the perceptual tasks will not be affected by any form of verbalization, which is the case when familiar symbols like characters, words or numbers are involved. Moreover, variation and building up from a basic level to higher levels of difficulty, with or without involvement of tachistoscopy, is made possible through settings of a variety of parameters. In this way, development of splinter skills, which can result from repetitive tasks and verbalization, are avoided.
Perfect Vision Task Menu:
1. Visual Reaction Speed
2. Bilaterality
3. Spatial Localization
4. Spatial Orientation
5. Spatial Reversals
6. Spatial Visualization
7. Speed Visualization
8. Visual Closure
9. Visual Form Constancy
10. Visual Sequential Memory
11. Visual Repetitive Memory
System Requirements: Perfect Vision Version 3 can be installed on following operating systems: Windows Millenium Edition, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or later, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, and Window Server 2003. A PC with Pentium II 450 MHz minimum processor is recommended.

Order Code: OPT/PVN Windows XP Version