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Vergence line


This instrument is for training and/or extending vergence reserves in convergent and divergent direction. The vergence line technique demands a higher level of fusion capacity compared with other fusion training exercises. This kind of vergence training is supposed to be the final step in fusion training exercises because of the way to use the binocular visual system. This instrument mearns to project the developed skills into everyday live. This technique compared with tranaglyphs and vectograms demands more integration of convergence and/ or divergence reserve training. This instrument consists of next components: * A transparent plexi-glass bar with a length of 50cm; * Two white non-transparent PVC plates: one provided with 2 apertures (to perform BI training) and one provided with one aperture (to perform BO training); * One target holder: a white non-transparent PVC plate (holder) provided with small separations to attach the booklet on; * Different target cards supplied with anti-suppression clues, the prismatic range lies between 2,5 and 30 Pd and is composed into one small booklet.

Order Code: OPT/VL