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Vision training learning disorder set


Vision Training Learning disorders Set

A trainingset you can sell to your client.
Learning Disorder Set includes:

PWV 1 plexi worktable
FLL 1 flipper without glasses
CC1,CC2 2 plastic childrencharts
Smiley 1,2,3
1 x FAIR (slide with chikdren targets)
ZS1,2 2 non-variable stereo charts
BT-KL/GR 2 rope with beads (50cm, 3m)
OL 1 eye patch
KRBGB 1 red-bluegreen goggle
MB 1 Marsden ball
RBSTR 1 bar reader R/BLGR
PF special Perforated formboards
PF1, PF5, PF7
PVKB 1 exercise book with perceptual activities
PL 1 penlight

Order Code: OPT/VT LL SET