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This is the measuring-instrument used after the optometrist has performed a complete examination on his client. The purpose is to measure the color field of the client. These test results complete the visual profile of your client. This gives you the possibility to follow up your client as good as possible.
The possible measurements with the COFMA are:
A.measurement of the right color field
B.measurement of the left color field
C.mapping the motion field of the right eye
D.mapping the motion field of the left eye
E.mapping the blind spot of the right eye
F.mapping the blind spot of the left eye
For this mapping Optomatters has created special colored test sticks and test charts.
COFMA incl: 2 cameras, 1 LCD screen & videoconnection, 12 volt adapter, 5 colored test sticks, 50 test charts OS, 50 test charts OD.

Order Code: OPT/ COFMA